About Us

Who is Bank Cainvest?

Bank Cainvest is the products of a successful acquisition and merger of 3 Banks.

Sul America International Bank

Sul America Internacional Bank (Cayman) Ltd. was founded in 1994 in the Cayman Islands as part of the Sul America Insurance group, today the largest independent insurance group in Brazil. The Bank was fully acquired and integrated to Bank Cainvest in 2010.

Intertrust Bank

Intertrust Bank (Cayman) Ltd. was founded in 2001 in the Cayman Island under the name of Close Bank (Cyman) Ltd., subsidiary of Close Brothers Group Plc. In 2001, the Bank was acquired by Intertrust Group Holding SA, part of the Blackstone Group. The Bank was then fully acquired and integrated to Bank Cainvest in 2015.

Dartley Bank and Trust

Dartley Bank and Trust Ltd. was founded in 1993 in The Bahamas as part of the Ourinvest Group. The bank has focused in offering an exclusive and complete private banking platform to its customers since inception. The Bank's operation was fully acquired and integrated to Bank Cainvest in 2016.

Bank Cainvest excels in providing a solid and high-level banking experience to individuals, external asset managers and institutional banking clients.

Bank Cainvest provides a truly transparent, exclusive and tailor-made service to its clients focusing mainly on their financial wellbeing and long-term wealth preservation.

Our History


The group began operations when Mr. Charles Cohab founded Trisoft Textil Ltda. (www.trisoft.com.br), today the largest manufacturing group of processed polyester of Latin America.


The group diversified its activities by entering the financial services industry through its launch of Cainvest International S.A.


The group has acquired the totality of shares of Sul American International Bank (Cayman), founded in 1994, and renamed it Cainvest international Bank also known as Bank Cainvest.


Bank Cainvest acquired the totality of shares of Intertrust Bank (Cayman), a market leader in providing Authorized Agent Services for Class B banks in the Cayman Islands. Bank Cainvest has merged with Intertrust Bank creating Cainvest Bank and Trust Ltd. today holder of a Category A banking license regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authorities.


Bank Cainvest acquired the business from Bahamas based Dartley Bank and Trust Ltd., expanding the Bank's physical presence to The Bahamas through its fully owned subsidiary Dartley Securities Limited.


Bank Cainvest has launched its 100% digital platform offering external asset managers and final clients digital private banking accounts.

Why Bank Cainvest?

Specialized Top Quality Service

Bank Cainvest’s banking platform was designed to provide a personalized service tailored to each client’s needs and goals.

No Third Party Lending

The bank’s controllers are extremely conservative and have restricted any kind of leverage on the bank’s Balance Sheet.

No Balance Sheet Operations

The bank’s controllers are extremely conservative and have restricted any kind of direct investments expect for US Treasury on the bank’s Balance Sheet.

Strictly Regulated

The bank is strictly regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authorities.

Why Cayman Islands?

Cayman Islands ranks as fifth largest financial center in the world

British Overseas Territory, part of the United Kingdom

Reputation - Regulations based on English common law and enhanced by local statutes and a respected judiciary

Tax Neutrality – No taxes on income, profits, assets or capital gains

Safety – Protection against volatile economic and political environments

Professionalism – Leading Accounting Firms and world-class Law Firms have active offices in the Islands

English speaking country

Geographical convenience

No Exchange Control Regulations

Our Numbers

Ranked #1

Absolut Market Leader in Institutional Banking in the Cayman Islands.

50+Years Group

Controlling Group was founded in 1961.

41% Market Share

Bank Cainvest represents 63 out of the 157 banks in Cayman Islands.

Top 10 Banks

Bank Cainvest provides banking representation to the largest banks in the world.

Bahamas Subsidiary

Since 2016, the Bank has expanded its physical presence to the Bahamas.

Bank Cainvest the business from Dartley Bank and Trust in the Bahamas.

As part of the deal, the Bank fully acquired Dartley Securities Limited.

Private banking, products and services are now available in the Bahamas.